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24/7 City-Wide Snow & Ice Management

Dedicated equipment & materials: We spend a significant amount of time allocating the proper equipment to properties. We have a large number of trucks that are assigned to different parts of the city to provide quality control services and back up support.

Snow & Ice Management Services: Large dedicated teams work 24/7 from start to finish during a snow or ice event. The Snowmen office is a state of the art facility designed specifically for a snow and ice company. It has showers and sleeping quarters for the team to refresh and regroup during an extended weather event.

When It Snows

  • Dedicated Personnel
    Work 24/7 from start to finish during a snow or ice event.
  • KC area divided into quadrants
    In order to effectively manage a large service area.
  • Large Inventories of salt and de-icers
    Placed in strategic locations around the city to quickly service properties.
  • Quality Control Team Leaders
    Who are responsible for their quadrant and the equipment that works in it.
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