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We Plan for Snow

Our snow management team has decades of experience in managing Kansas City’s unique weather patterns and storm systems.

  • We use modern methods and products
  • We work 24/7 to remove snow and ice
  • You can relax because we will show up
  • 100% focus on snow and ice removal
  • “Snow Action Plan” for each property
  • We work quickly and efficiently
  • We monitor weather changes 24/7
  • We follow up after the storm

We Prepare for Winter Weather

We spend a considerable amount of time before it snows assessing each property we are going to service. We develop a “snow action plan” that pairs the right equipment and resources with each individual property to make sure that it is serviced as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Right Equipment and Manpower

Snowmen owns one of the largest fleets of dedicated snow and ice removal equipment in the Kansas City area and spends a significant amount of time allocating the proper equipment to properties to make sure that all of its properties are serviced in a timely manner.

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