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Weather Is Our Business

At Snowmen, knowing the weather conditions and temperature changes from day-to-day throughout the winter is our business. All of the snow and ice removal services we provide depend on the information we receive, so we take it very seriously.

KC Weather

We contract yearly with private meteorological services that are local in the Kansas City area. They provide us with daily, detailed weather information and as storms approach we are updated continuously. Our weather service will call us at home to notify us of any weather changes if we are not in the office.

Weather Links

Snowmen uses a combination of weather internet sites. Here are links to a few of them we have found to be helpful:

Weather Alerts

Detailed weather information is released to snow crews and our snow removal management teams when the Kansas City area is faced with a significant threat of snow or ice. Our customers can call or e-mail us at any time for weather updates or information.

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